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Campfire Series Book Bundle

Books One, Two, & Three of the Campfire Series

**Grab all three books of the series in this boxed set at an INCREDIBLE price!**


When Georgica "Gigi" Goldstein heads off to Camp Chinooka to escape her failing career as a fashion designer and the upcoming marriage of her best friend to the one guy she's ever loved, she has no idea just how much her life is about to change.  Eight weeks later, armed with a new sense of self and budding new romance with fellow counselor Perry Gillman, she leaves camp behind and returns home to start her own fashion house.


Just four years after her life-changing summer, Gigi thinks saying goodbye to Camp Chinooka means saying hello to a brand new life. Now faced with a second chance at her career, she is filled with more hope than she's felt in a long time. Her design house, G. Malone, is taking the fashion world by storm, even attracting notice of Victoria Ellicott, the fashionable British socialite who just happens to be engaged to the future king of England. When Gigi is chosen to design the royal wedding dress, she is forced to confront her ex-fiancé, Perry Gillman, now a successful composer with a hit show on the West End.


But Gigi soon learns Perry's been dating Victoria's sister Annabelle, whose looks, style, and sophistication are seemingly unparalleled. Even a budding relationship with the handsome, worldly, and charismatic Viscount Satterley can't make her forget about Perry and her inability to get over him.  When the paparazzi captures her and Perry Gillman in a compromising moment the night of the royal wedding, she finds herself entangled in a scandal of global proportion. Convinced her carelessness has ruined every relationship in her life, she’s surprised and moved by Gideon’s sudden proposal of marriage and accepts it without a second thought.


Four months later, Gigi’s living at Badgley Hall with Gideon contemplating an entirely new kind of life while guilt, regret, and obligation keep calling her back to her old one. Will Gigi stay in South Gloucestershire, marry Gideon, and become the Countess of Harronsby? Or, will unfinished opportunities and an old flame bring her back across the pond to confront her past and reclaim her future?

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