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The Last Phone Booth in Manhattan

*Almost 12,000 reviews with a 4. 2 Star Rating!
*Selected as Amazon First Reads Editor's Choice in Romance December 2023!

When a young woman hits rock bottom, she embarks on a positively Dickensian adventure in a witty and warmhearted novel about past regrets, old loves, new beginnings, and making up for lost time.

Avery Lawrence thought she had it all—a charming fiancé, a Broadway-themed star-studded engagement, and a picture-perfect life. But when her fraudster of a fiancé’s true identity is exposed and he’s hauled away in handcuffs, Avery’s world comes crashing down faster than the chandelier in Phantom of the Opera. Left stranded on Christmas Day outside the federal prison without her cell phone or wallet, Avery stumbles out of the cold and into the last phone booth in Manhattan. With nothing left to lose, Avery is directed by a mysterious voice on the line to the doorstep of the college boyfriend she thought she’d moved on from over six years ago.


When a second encounter with the phone booth leads Avery to a life-changing audition for Marley Is Dead, a new musical based on Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, Avery is blown away by the striking similarities between the show and her own life. Convinced the phone booth is somehow responsible for reuniting her with “the one that got away” and reigniting her acting career, maybe she will finally have the chance to rewrite her future. But as she grapples with the ghosts of her past and the uncertainty of her present, Avery must decide whether to follow her heart or pursue her dream.

The Last Phone Booth in Manhattan Reviews

"Merlin and Modafferi deliver a supernatural spin to a typical do-over story, and Avery's journey through the phone booth of Christmas past is a colorful one. A modern Dickens homage with Broadway flair!" - Kirkus Reviews

"As a broadway musical lover, I found this book to be absolutely charming! I loved ALL the characters… and was SO satisfied by the ending. This book has a very strong message- don’t miss it!" - C. Starke, Amazon Verified Purchase 


"There’s a little humor, some magic, and a good bit of romance. There are even some interesting twists and surprises along the way.... Kudos to the authors on the lovely story. Definitely worthy of 5 stars. ❤" - Maryann S, Amazon Verified Purchase 

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