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Tell Me S'more

Book Four of the Campfire Series

“A beautifully written contemporary romance, with plenty of enjoyable comedy, it challenges us to evaluate our lives and make big decisions on who we want to be and not necessarily what everyone expects us to be.”

– Adventures in Lit about The Campfire Series


*A NOTE FROM THE PUBLISHER: Though this book should be read FOURTH in the series, this "piece of the story" is actually set between books 1 and 2 (One S'more Summer and S'more to Lose). So sort of like Book 1.5! We highly recommend that if it is your first time through the series to read it fourth. Enjoy!**

Camp Chinooka was supposed to be a place of inspiration, the place where Perry Gilman would finally compose his symphonic masterpiece. But four years later, Perry Gillman isn't any closer to his dream of becoming a world renown musician. Instead, he fell love in with Gigi Goldstein and he thought that love would be enough. Now, struggling to find the right subject for a new musical while hustling as a piano player at a local jazz bar, he can't help but measure his own shortcomings to his famous father's monstrous success. So, when he stumbles onto the idea to write a musical about the life and times of Elizabeth I, everything finally changes. The musical is an international sensation and suddenly, Perry is on the fast track to super stardom. 

However, fame and success come at a price. When his relationship with Gigi is thrown into a tailspin, he must decide whether to follow his dream for which he fought for so long or sacrifice it all for true love. 

Told from Perry's perspective, Tell Me S’more shows that there are two sides to every story and a cost to every choice.

Tell Me S'more Reviews

"WOW – JUST WOW! I did not realize how much I missed reading “The Campfire Series” until Book Four! I loved getting to know Perry and his side of the story. I could not put the book down and was really laughing out loud. I plan on rereading the first three books again." - Mitch, Amazon

"I cannot tell you how obsessed I am with this book and the entire Campfire Series!... Not only does this series successfully merge so many fun pop culture-y things that I love, but it is paired with great writing and an incredible amount of research that never feels heavy handed.... As for this book in particular, what really impressed me was Perry's full arc over the course of not only the story, but how it fits in the bigger one across the entire series. This book does a great job of showing how Perry really struggles to balance his ambition with his love for Gigi, just like Elizabeth and Robert Dudley in the musical he composes (which btw is RIDICULOUSLY BRILLIANT!). I can't wait to reread this from start to finish again -- it is the perfect beach reading for summer!" - Nelianne, Amazon

"I loved learning all the "behind the scenes " from Perry's point of view. It was so interesting to get the other side of the story and made we want to go back and read the other books in series with new insight. It left me still cheering their relationship on after everything they have been through. Also a fun glimpse into the making of a musical. Another great book from the author and can't wait to read more!" - Cornell, Amazon

"I’ve enjoyed all the Campfire books, but I think this is the best yet! A fast, enjoyable read that also had a great storyline. I’m looking forward to reading what Beth Merlin has up her sleeve next." - Customer, Amazon

"What I Loved About TELL ME S’MORE:
    1. Elizabeth I. I loved seeing the process for this musical coming to life. I’d buy tickets to go see it tomorrow if it was a real thing!
    2. Perry. He has redeemed himself and I’m now rooting for him.
    3. Music. I’ve always been in awe of the way musicians write music, and feel like I have a better understanding of the process now.
    4. Annabelle. I liked her in book two and love her even more in this one. She and Gideon both got raw deals, but I’m pulling for them both to get their own HEAs.
    5. Ending. Gut-wrenching and fitting for this story. Loved it, even though it made me cry." 

- T.H.H., Amazon

"I love Merlin and Modafferi'’s Campfire Series, and Perry’s story felt like it was the perfect addition. We get an intense view inside the mind of a man who is a creative genius, very reminiscent of what I imagine Lin-Manuel Miranda must have gone through during the development of Hamilton.... When I finished reading Tell Me S’more, my immediate thought was, 'There has to be more.'... It's a definite five-star read!" - Sara Steven, Amazon

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